Busy week including a trip down to see some toys from Microsoft but I’ve got a week off soon and I’m planning some gadget buys. Huzzah. Lot’s to read as always.


Apple Music is great for discovery, not so great on your iTunes library. The complaints are mounting but it looks like Apple are listening.


A bit late this week, mostly due to Rocket League.


It’s graduation season and with one of my colleagues son’s graduating last week it made me realise that it’s 20 years since I graduated from Glasgow University. 20 years ago today to be precise.

Lewis, Richard, Me, Hamid and Andrew

Me graduating

MECI Group photo

We’re all a little older and greyer and a bit more soft around the edges but it still doesn’t feel like twenty years since I finished at Glasgow. Time flies.


Much geekery this week thanks to Comic-Con.