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The Month

Bought The Sunday Times today just to try their new section, The Month. Disappointing – it’s no better than a website with trailers or a music preview site. No real content or depth to it – I expected some comment amongst the previews. The car advert at the start was also very annoying but I guess they’ve got to pay for it somehow.

Xbox Live

Well the new Xbox Live site is now online and available for use. But it seems pretty rushed at the moment as its not easy to login too and all the features aren’t available.

For anyone having trouble creating a login the problem is in the telephone area code. The form only accepts three digits so if like me your area code is 4 digits, enter the first 3 in the area code box then begin you telephone number with the last digit of your area code. Crap.

The friends list doesn’t seem to be available at the moment and theres only score boards for Moto GP2. But its a start and the new XSN titles look good.

BBC Archive…Online?

Over at the Copydesk some thought about the BBC archives online vision that Greg Dyke announced in Edinburgh. I’m glad I wasn’t the only that thought this was all hype. Copyright, technology and the sheer cost means this will never really see the light of day. A pity.

Closing Dates

The house we are looking at in Scotstoun is moving to a closing date, probably next week. Boo Hoo. So its down to luck whether we get this house or not. Also means a lot of working out over the next week – how much I can afford, how much is it worth, how much work does the house require. Super Great Smashing.

Windows XP in 5 hours

This made me laugh. Don’t remember step 53 though.

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