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Stunt Doubles

Watching The Matrix trailer again, you can easily spot the stunt doubles especially here and here.

I know doubles are used in most stunts but I don’t like watching a movie and spotting the double with ease, especially when the ones above look more like Charlie Sheen than Keanu Reeves.

Appledore Work-In

Appledore Shipyard have started a sit-in to try and save their jobs. As with most ‘events’ these days, theres a blog too. Working in a shipyard myself I’ve seen the industry decline over the years. I can’t remember a year where redundancies haven�t been an issue. I hope Appledore can find a way forward but even though we’re an island nation, the demand for ships and the competition from abroad (including government subsidies) make it tough to justify the small number of yards that are still open in the UK.

Return of the King Trailer

Another day, another trailer – this time for Return of the King. Clickety-click for torrent file. Very sombre but sets the scene well for final film.

eBay – user details auction

eBay will give away user details to basically anyone with a fax machine according to The Register and The Sunday Herald. If true, what else can easily be accessed – how many websites are you registered with?

Matrix Revolutions

Just spotted the trailer is out for the final Matrix film. Looks good and hopefully this will live up to the hype more than 2nd film did. Official site here, torrent download here. Everything that has a beginning has an end.

And if you want the Ultra version, click here. 100mb of trailer goodness.

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