House Update

We’ve put an offer in for a house! Closing date is this Friday at noon but to be honest I don’t think we’ll get it. The house needs a lot of work (re-wiring, new kitchen, new boiler, decor throughout) but it has great potential, its a really good location and its a fantastic size.

The downside is there is a lot of interest in it – 6 surveys including ours have been conducted and others are showing interest. Also its valued at �165k but it was advertised at offers over �110k to try and generate maximum interest and turn it into a bidding war.

If we get it – great. If we don’t then it wasn’t meant to be. But the next day and a half will drag until we know whats happening.


  1. get them while stocks last

  2. Oh the fickle hand of fandom, eh? How quickly we forget.

  3. Who?? Sounds like some weegie ned’s place – don’t fancy that much

  4. Best of luck with the house. It’s not Baz Ferguson’s old pad I trust.

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