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Champions League

Man U vs Rangers – fills me with dread when I think how this could end. The best I could hope for…..0-0. Reality will however bite at somepoint and Man U will win easily. Celtic tomorrow – 3-2….or they can look forward to EUFA Cup at best.


Feeling guilty? Is there a dark secret that your bursting to tell someone…anyone…but who? Or do you like laughing at other peoples misfortune and evil-doings. is for you. Enjoy.

Just put my confession on – I feel so cleansed. Only another 20 or so to add…

The Glasgow Story

A new website has just been launched all about Glasgow called The Glasgow Story. The site is a collection of stories and pictures describing the history of Glasgow. Some of the content is excellent. Click here to see a picture of where I work, although its slightly more modern now (but not much).

Baby News

Lewis & Kim have just had a baby boy – proud parents can be see here. No name as yet but Kim & baby are healthy and on Friday Lewis was already knackered and the baby is only 2 days old. Congrats to them both – nice to have a bit of good news to post.

PC Upgrade part 2

The pc upgrade is complete and I finally got round to doing a backup. And it worked!! One outcome of the upgrade was how slow XP took to shutdown (startup was fine). A quick Google found a great XP tips site – shutdown is only around 15 seconds now.

Only annoyance is how noisy my processor fan is. A Zalman Flower would solve it, although a motherboard upgrade and a new chip is far more tempting. As well as the flower.

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