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I’ve Sold A House

Well, after 12 days on the market I’ve sold my house. Was suprised we got 14 viewers in that short space of time, especially as its the festive season. Just the mortgage to get now…gulp. I’m in debt for the rest of my like 🙂

An the entry date is 16th January – thats now less than six weeks away. So much to do…so little time!

Glasgow Bridge Chosen

The council have finally selected the design of a new pedestrian bridge in Glasgow. From a shortlist of six the bridge selected seems to involve the longest walk for a pedestrian…and do we really need another nightclub? Most bizarre is the location – I can only assume its to help with the new finiancial district they are trying to establish. What a waste of public money.

I’ve Bought A House

After a few months of looking, a few too many expensive surveys carried out and a lot of disappointment I’ve finally managed to buy a house. Thought I had paid quite a bit for it but it turns out my price matches the valuation exactly. Top smart.

Its My Birthday

Well I’ve finally reached the big 30 today…….and I feel no different to yesterday. Lots of nice gifts – thanks to my friends for them and also thanks to Shak for letting me kick his butt at tennis (wonder what his excuse will be tomorrow).

Asked today whether I’ve achieved all I set out to do by the time I was 30, but to be honest I’ve never really set out any clear goals in life – just as well! Maybe its something I should do for future years. Maybe’s aye, maybe’s naw.

Portable Playstation

Sony have unveiled some concept art for their new handhled – see here. If it turns out like this I will be amazed. Very pleased, but amazed.

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