Month: February 2004

Snow Patrol

Best new album I’ve heard in ages – more on them here – you can sample the album and hear the two bonus tracks from the album.

Bad Day…or is it?

Well, one of my mates found out that his voluntary redundancy has been accepted. Two weeks from now and he’s out of work. Bummer. Or is it? Maybe its the kick up the arse he needs? Maybe it’s the change in life he needs? A new job, house, friends etc await. I guess it’s whether the glass is half empty or full.

In some ways I wish it was me moving on. New challenges, new people to meet, new geek things to learn…maybe this is the kick up the arse I need. Or maybe I should just unpack another box (still far too many lying around the house) and order some new decor.


Nope, not some dodgy Clint Eastwood movie. If you’ve got Windows, do yourself a favour and download Firefox – a fast, free and non M$ browsing alternative to IE6. Did I mention it was better than IE6 to?

House Update

So its now 3 weeks since we got the keys, and two and a bit since we moved in. Total boxes unpacked…..14. Still to do…..around 60! Everything takes much longer to do than expected – this weekend will involve some painting, drilling, and…..some box unpacking – woo-hoo!

But it’s starting to come together now and I’ve only headed back to the old house once by mistake. Doh!

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