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BB 5

What the feck’s going on? Could there be a more vain, vile and vacuous group than we saw on the new Big Brother? First there was the annoying queen, then the token asylum seeker (ex), then the weegie ned with the thong. Oh dear. Other highlights were the glamour queen who liked porn, the gay guy who only did straight men, the more man than woman transvestite and the off-the-peg socialist – it was as if she’d shopped at Harrods for the latest left wing tag to add to her hate list.

Worse was her entrance, with Divina (looking fine by the way) turning all Derren Brown and predicting that she would turn back and that she was looking for her girlfriend before it even happened. That was sooooo staged (that has to be said in annoying queen accent while clapping like a 5 year old at the same time).

But I’ll watch it tonight to see who doesn’t get their suitcase and no doubt I’ll catch some highlight programs over the next week. By that time I’ll be hooked…..what a saddo.

Sony Portables

Sony have announced two new media players. Key is the mp3 support – hopefully that means the PSP will support mp3’s as well.

Photo Album

I’ve installed Coppermine and uploaded my first album. My main page can be found here. I’ve only had time to throw up some new house piccies but hopefully the album will build up over time. Last weekend’s BBQ pics also added.


After upgrading to Movable Type 3, and seeing the reaction elsewhere to the new licensing deals from Six Apart I felt relatively secure in that the deals didn’t affect me, I could still use a free version of Movable Type and I’d spent ages getting the look of my site ‘just so’ – no way was I moving.

That was until I looked at WordPress.

It has everything a blog writer could need, is php based and so incredibly easy to modify and is really easy to set-up. Within an hour I had a site set-up and all my posts from the old blog imported. I’ve never used an easier online tool. In the last hour I’ve added a plugin to switch styles and an Amazon Media Manager. Fantastic.

This is just night and day compared to Movable Type – just shows you what you can miss when you get complacent.

Need a map?

Then try Map24, probably the most impressive web based map engine I’ve seen and well worthy of a Webby award.

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