Burnout for Real

Been playing Burnout over the weekend and apart from connection issues it’s a class game. This video from America though looks like Burnout in real life. The police try 3 times to take him out and each time he managed to regain control. The scary part is that the police tried to take him out in fairly heavy traffic – what would have happened if he hadn’t regained control?


  1. Scary, bad but didn’t you find yourself rooting for him a wee bit.. after the second spin it was like “go on mate, you can do it!!”

  2. I tell you something – I’d love to be able to drive as well as that guy. Where do you go to learn recovery stunts like that?

  3. Your more like the police cars trying to barge him off….remember…I’ve seen you drive. I was half expecting the guys doing the comentry to start cheering a bit louder.

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