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It’s Christmas time…

and the shops are bloody mobbed. Did some more gift buying yesterday – the queue in HMV was 20-30 folk long…and that was at 10AM. Madness. Internet buying is far more sensible at this time of year. I see the music channels are now starting to drop in festive videos – there’s still 4 weeks before Christmas! Well, 3 weeks and 6 days.

Scrooge signing out…

Killer in the Family

After 11 years my cat has finally proved her worth – her first mouse kill. Woke up this morning to see the cat proudly sitting next to a mouse with a particularly smug grin on her face (looked like it to me) – made me smile so much…even now. Downside is I need to hunt down how the little blighter got into the house foam filler and Polyfiller at the ready.

Half-Life 2

Picked up Half-Life 2 via steam on Tuesday. Played for roughly an hour……quite simply the most atmospheric 1st hour of any game I’ve ever played. Graphics are amazing but unlike other games the environment depicted is amazingly realistic and full of real world detail. This is helped by an impressive sound engine that not only delivers good in game effects but an impressive (so far) soundtrack. I’ve also been surprised twice within the first hour which is a good sign of more impending shocks. Story is also unwinding at a good pace. The havoc engine used for the physics also adds to the realism although some of the graphical lifting effects are a bit ‘rough’.

On the minor side, the loading times are very high and also pretty frequent. Steam as a delivery system was also brought to it’s knee’s on Tuesday but thankfully didn’t affect me too much.

Can’t wait to play more but as usual in the games industry…too many good games in the run up to Christmas means somethings got to be sacrificed…I wish it could be Christmas shopping but alas it will probably be Half-Life for the time being. Sneaky hours hear and there are the order of the day.

Halo 2 One Week On

This game just eats time. Played about 20 mins of single player – all the rest was online. The matchmaking mode allows you to take a party of four friends into 16 player battles and for one of the first times the games with the septic tanks and
Europeans are largely lag free. Some of the map randomness (lack off) is disappointing but apart from that its all good. It also really emphasises good team play – no point charging in on your own when there’s 6 guys waiting for you. It’s managed to keep me away from Half-Life 2…….almost :-).

Got to love those stats

Thanks to some smart thinking at Bungie, my gaming history from Halo 2 is available as an rss feed and also now plugged into the bottom right of my web site. Top Smart. My player stats are also available here.

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