Sky Confirmed

Roll on May 23rd as that when I’ll get my Sky HD box. Need to sort out some HDMI switch box nonsense (why is there always another expense) but I’ve got a long time to get it organised. Can’t wait.


  1. unhappy sky customer!

    10th April 2006 at 8:52 pm

    you rat, after promissing that you would’t mention it again, you go and (boast) I mean post about it!


  2. Don’t the first wave of SKY HD boxes work over component too. I’m sure I read that somewhere. You’ll also get away with an HDMI to DVI connector if your TV has a DVI and HDMI connector. Finally, if all else fails, will you DVD player not connect to the TV over component without losing the upscale feature?

  3. I’m biting the bullet and getting an HDMI splitter. Just makes sense.

  4. I’ll need the DVI equivalent one day. Probably a Geffen. For now I just swap cables.

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