Sky Remote…Free

Sky are giving their Sky Navigator’s away for free. To get yours go to Interactive –> 0 –> 2 –> then key in 736683. Offer is still available but not sure how long for.


  1. Free you say? They’d have to PAY ME to take one. Why on earth would I need it?!

  2. I’m sure if you broke your current remote you would need one. Or lost the current one. Etc etc etc. Just can’t please some people.

  3. Cheers ears. I got mine :). I gave my Sky remote to a friend a few years ago, thinking that I won’t need it as I had my pronto. But there are times where I missed it for instant access for certain buttons. As flexible as the pronto is, there’s only so much you can squeeze onto one page and it got annoying moving between pages to find a particular button. So this new remote will come very handy … until Sky HD arrives that is 🙂

  4. Sky HD – four weeks today 🙂

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