Viva le Wii

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo have finally named their new console – Wii. For months it has been known as the revolution and pre E3 it was rumoured it would be renamed….but Wii (as in we – the console for everyone).

So – do you want a Wii?


  1. How long till the obligatory school/parent outrage of kids asking

    “Want to come round to my place to play with my Wii?”

  2. đŸ™‚ – I want a Wii for my Christmas. It is the oddest of names. Preferred the Revolution.

  3. Indeed, the Revolution was so much cooler, almost made for advertising…

    “The Revolution will be televised”

    “Vi(i)va La Revolution”

    etc, etc, etc.

  4. Could it be any less exciting? I’ve never been less keen on a console before. I do quite fancy a DS-Lite for some reason.

  5. In a total about turn, I’ve just been watching the trailers and E3 footage for Mario Galaxy. That might just about convince me to pick up a Wii instead of a PS3. I certainly can’t afford both. Then again I could just visit Mr. D and play with is Wee Wii, since he is almost certain to buy both.

  6. I won’t be buying a Wii and yes I’ve seen all the trailers – tennis impressed me the most but it’s a gimmick that I would quickly grow tired of. Not for me. I’ll be sticking to the PS3 although I’m sure I’ll enjoy playing with your Wii.

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