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Windows Live Local

Microsoft have updated Live Local to include maps from the UK. My area can be seen here and they look to be more recent than Google’s as XScape is under construction. Worth checking if you couldn’t get hi res maps for your area with Google.


Art with flash
First time I’ve bought an actual picture. Was getting bored with the bare walls that surround me so this was a first toe dip into buying art. Really pleased with the picture although I may go for something a bit brighter in future. The artist is Pete Rumney who sells loads of similar pictures on eBay.

Sky HD

Well…the verdict?

My installation was delayed until next Tuesday. Bar stewards. Feedback on AV Forums seems positive though so still looking forward to it. Can’t say much for Sky’s customer service though – told me one date over the phone and then changed it to another via written letter. I wonder just how confident they are of making next weeks date.

24 Series 5

Just watched the last two episodes and it’s a cracking end to one of the best series on TV. This series as a whole had some plot issues and pacing that I didn’t like but the series finale was one of the best I’ve seen. Roll on 2007 for 24 in hi-def.

Some other thought’s (spoilers ahead)
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Recharge the batteries

So – this weekend will mostly be in Peterborough celebrating Shakeel’s 35th birthday. It’s a shame it’s a short trip but will be good to get away. Need a break. The little things are getting to me while the big important things are being ignored…this really has to stop. This is coupled with a sudden urge to travel.

Anyway…back in the real world Big Brother 7 has just started. Does Pete have tourette’s or is he just a complete tit. Lisa – shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Shahbaz – stop stroking people. I have delusions that not watching any of the first weekend will mean I don’t get hooked on it. Aye right.

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