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In around a weeks time I’ll hopefully taken receipt of my iMac. Really looking forward to it and I’m also thankful that I’ve kept some money aside for a few apps that I really want. Some are mentioned on Grahams list and other can be found on this ultimate Mac software list.

One in particular is Delicious Library. I’ve dabbled with pc based media libraries but none look to be as well crafted as this. Yep – I’m becoming a Mac bore.


  1. Omnigraffle – Visio type flowcharting app. Even the demo version is useful for simple charts.
    Senuti -xfer ipod songs to computer>Textwrangler – great free text editor if you can’t justify the $125 for BBEdit.

    Glad gimpshop was on one of those lists, although I’ve found it a bit unstable.
    Flip4mac is also an essential on my list.

    Good lists though.

  2. Another week to wait? Oh dear. Notice iMacs are now ready to ship in 24hrs on the apple store.

    Those are good app lists. I’d just add Omnigraffle (flowcharting too), Textwrangler (great free text editor, particularly if you can’t justify the $125 for BBEdit) and Senuti
    (copies music from iPod to computer) to the list.

  3. Sorry – you were the victim of the spam trap. Looking forward to trying most of these out 🙂

  4. That’s ok – I thought it was me!

  5. I’ve added a few from that list you found to another post of mine containing some stuff I want to try out. I’ve also updated my own essentials list with a couple I forgot, namely Connect360 and Sharepoints. I also use flip4mac but don’t necessarily see it as essential. I guess it probably is.

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