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k800 as Mac Bluetooth Modem

Finally got round to getting the k800 working as a bluetooth modem on the Mac. To get going visit Ross Barkmans site which has a massive list of mobile phone drivers and scripts for the Mac. Grab the 3G and GPRS Sony Ericsson scripts and then install following the included readme’s. If you don’t know your providers connections settings then they can be found here. Speed is OK – better than dial up, worse than broadband but considering this gives the Mac an internet connection anywhere I’m being picky.

Why I won’t be Buying a PS3

Lot’s of pre-order’s flying around for the PS3 and while I’m a little tempted there are lot’s of reasons why I’m not buying a PS3.

  • Cost. It’s £425. Thats a lot of money. Add on HDMI cable, another joypad, couple of games and your at £550. Ouch.
  • Games. There’s not much on the first day of release or near horizon that I’m desperate to play. If Wipeout had been a day one title I’d have gladly handed over my cash, but it’s not out until next year. There’s very few exclusives that are bound for PS3 only – even GTA4 will be released on 360/PS3 on the same day.
  • Online play looks to be well behind that of Xbox Live. Although it’s free the online service lacks the uniformity of Live. Some games support online play, and only some of those support in game voice. Even then there’s no official headset although USB headsets and most bluetooth headsets work well (allegedly). In certain games voice chat makes all the difference, from lifting the strategy in FPS to making a much more social experience in Tiger Woods or PES6.
  • Joypad. The biggest form of interaction with a console and yet Sony have stuck with the trusty dual shock minus the shock. No rumble in the pads removes a fairly important feedback mechanism. Think of the different rumbles in Gran Turismo – how can that be replaced? Shame. The pad is also ergonomically inferior to the 360 pad. It would have been good if Sony had tried to innovate instead of copying the 360 guide button and throwing in some motion detection similar to the Wii. I wonder if the dead zones on the Sony joypads have been removed? Still, at least they are wireless and allegedly lighter than the PS2 pads.
  • Competition. 360 has some fine games coming out in the next 3-4 months – Crackdown, GRAW2, Mass Effect, Forza 2 plus Halo 3 beta. More than enough to keep me busy. Also most of my online Live buddies aren’t getting a PS3 and I want to continue gaming with them, hence making the 360 the platform of choice.

The above was written around the start of last week and I never got round to finishing it off and publishing until now. However since writing the above I’ve pre-ordered a PS3 and I’m looking forward to it arriving at the end of March. The call of the new, the gadget envy etc etc was enough for me to buy. Motorstorm does look good, playing on the online service should be interesting, interactivity with the PSP promises much (but will undoubtedly deliver little) and Blu-Ray is a nice addition. Be interesting to see how Linux runs on it and also how it streams data (if at all) from other devices. We might also see a console version of Pro Evo that doesn’t suck online and also doesn’t stutter like Gareth Gates. Thats a bit harsh as my recent online games have been very good – the stutter however is inexcusable.

So there you have it. Lot’s of reasons not to buy a PS3 that I’ve plainly ignored. Still time to cancel though…or cash in on EBay if there is a drought at launch.


3…Wake up feeling a bit warm but nothing unusual there

2…Grabbing some breakfast, watching a bit of news and notice ‘the line’. This is a bad sign. The line I notice is horizontal, moves up my eye over a period of 20 minutes, makes it difficult to focus on text etc and is a sure sign that a migraine is on the way. Two pink migraleve and it’s back to bed. Maybe I can stop it before it starts.

1…The calm before the storm? Have I stopped it? Maybe it wasn’t a migraine. Maybe I could travel down to Barrow?


No such luck. Pain kicks in. Vomiting ensues. I ain’t traveling nowhere. Maybe it will clear quickly. 6 hours later without much improvement I come to the conclusion it won’t. I hate migraines. I hate Mondays. Yesterday was one of the few days where I could say that I would have rather been in Barrow. Yesterday was also one of my strongest migraines in the last couple of years. Thankfully cleared today but still feeling sorry for myself.

Never mind – almost got my identity back. Just not too sure who else has got a claim on it though.

Back in Business

New cards arrived, money refunded, Mac formatted and back up and running (very easy to do), offline and online passwords changed and wireless network checked, renamed, SSID hidden again and new password assigned. Feeling a bit better now – just the laptop to reformat.

Mac Desktop

Robbed x2

A small’ish update to my Robbed post. Firstly thanks for the comments. I’m sure what’s happened to me is something that’s happened to loads of other folk or will happen to others in the future…doesn’t make me any happier dealing with this shit.

Yesterday it emerged that the swines have my Egg credit card details too. An e-mail from EBay alerted me to another account being created using my card details. 10 mins after confirming it wasn’t me EBay had closed the other account and confirmed my card details used. A quick call to Egg and that card was closed down. Only expense was for £1.50 which I’m assuming is the Paypal setup payment. Thankfully they didn’t rip me off for anymore or anyone else through some false EBay bidding. That was enough for me to get the police in. Very impressed with EBay and their speed in alerting me and taking action – excellent service.

So I’ve passed on all the details to them, closed down all my accounts to stop any threat of more issues and I also heard today that two people were arrested in connection with a very similar fraud in Partick. Hopefully it’s the bard’s that did me but I don’t know for sure yet.

Still not clear if it’s an e-crime or someone taking details from my wallet and/or elsewhere. If it’s e-crime I’d love to assume it’s from my Windows days and that I’m on Mac and hence nothing to fear. However I’m currently backing up data. Tomorrow I’ll reformat and re-install. I’ll then get everything I need back on then begin the task of changing all my passwords, both offline and online. For those critical online accounts I’ll also be adopting a strong password (which I had already) and changing them every two weeks or so. Pain in the proverbial’s but once bitten etc etc. It will give me some piece of mind at least.

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