I’ve been blogging on iand.net since 2003 but all good things must come to an end. This will be the last post.

I’ve had a blog since early 2002 so it’s been 17 years of posting content in one way or another. I got into a good habit of posting weekly over the last couple of years but earlier this year took a break…and missed it. So why close down the site?


I picked up iandick.com a few years ago and have had a site there for over two years. It’s been niggling me for a few months – why the two sites? Niggle no more – I’ve moved all the blog content over and I’ll continue to post at https://www.iandick.com/blog/. I’ll keep this site up for a few weeks before switching it off and hopefully you’ll follow over to the new place. See you on the other side.