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Following on from a tweet on Friday from @gav_richardson I found that you can install an app on the iPhone and stream some of the BBC radio stations. The app you need to grab is FStream. It doesn’t have the best interface but it does work well. Full setup instructions can be found here.

A full list of the BBC radio stations I’ve got to work are:

Unfortunately Five Live doesn’t work which is allegedly due to broadcasting rights of sporting events outside the UK. Another solution is to try the Flycast app which again is free and search for BBC which should return radio station’s 1-4 which you can then select and listen to. At least there is a solution until iPlayer supports radio stations on the iPhone.


  1. is this available outside the UK? I'm in New York and cannot get radio 1.


  2. has full information on all BBC Radio iPhone streams along with a tutorial, I found the site very useful.

  3. Another easy way to get BBC on the iPhone is to use Wunder Radio (…It's the best streaming app I've used on the iPhone. All the BBC streams are available within the app's directory. It costs £3.49 but it's a small price to pay for such a good app.

  4. I'd have to agree with Christian, http://www.bbcstreams.comis amazing, I'm not to keen on Wunder Radio, especially since why should I have to pay for something that I should be getting for free as BBC License Payer.

    And in technical terms FStream is so much better.

  5. Can someone confirm that BBC radio can be received from outside the UK using an iPhone 3G? I'm in Dublin Ireland and can't get it to work with FStream or any of the other apps I've tried – Tuner etc. I really just want BBC World Service and Radio 4. Thanks.

    • Hello Dublin…Come in Dublin! i used fStream and copied and pasted above Urls and it works to my delight; I'm back in the comfort zone of quality radio. I am in Westeath with an eircom 1mb package.
      Best of luck , if you havnt already had some

  6. use the webinterface that comes with fstream to simply copy+pase the urls…

  7. I am desperate to load Radio 4 onto my iphone. I have downloaded FStream app onto my phone but the url I have does not seem to work

    Can anyone help me??

    Should I have any specific settings turned on for this to work?

    Any tips would be hugely appreciated!

  8. If Radio 4 is important I'd recommend Wunder Radio for the iPhone. It's £3.99 but does so much more than FStream and makes listening to radio really easy.

    If you want to use FStream, then visit to make sure you are using the correct stream. I had a quick look and se that the radio 4 stream is:

    Hope that helps.

  9. looks like you didn't copy the link correctly and missed “radio4/” before “wm_asx/”
    you provided
    but the link I copied from above and got to work on my iphone is

  10. Fstream worked fine for free – as did link from Mike on Jan 25 – thanks from down under fellas – I was really missing Radio 4!

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