FinallyI guess I’ll see you online tonight 😉

Now – where is Ricky Dee?


  1. You should be working at Reuters!!!!

  2. I don’t know your name thingy. I’ve activated my account thing but don’t have any friends 🙁 I wonder why? Is it ’cause I’m an anti social git?

  3. My name thingy is ‘shweepa’. Hopefully see you soon. David’s is ‘Wee Piglet’.

  4. Yeah, I thought it might be so I sent one of those saddo “be my friend” pleading messages… and no reply, so I deleted it and sulked.

  5. I saw it on the web this morning and I thought…thats Ricky Dee. Not switched on the Xbox today but I see that the request is no longer there. Sob.

    However I’m sure I’ve now sent you one as I ‘think’ I remembered your gamertag. So you should have a saddo request waiting for you!

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