I’m guessing they are either about to open this up to everyone or are at least in the final stages of doing so as most users have now got 50 invites to give away. I’ll never use them up and most folk I know have one now – if you need an account drop me a mail.


  1. i gotta say. i don’t understand it. i’m perfectly happy with my regular email account and dont understand the point of gmail, despite its allegedly nice interface. but there you go. web mail. not for me.

  2. As soon as you start accessing your email from several places, POP access just gets incredibly frustrating. You at least need IMAP access, or webmail at least. Once you’ve start using IMAP you’ll never go back to POP. The issue is that most email accounts don’t give you enough space on the server – and that’s where gmail comes in. Even the 250mb on Yahoo! is pretty good.

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