Orb Hunter

Crackdown turns out to have more depth than I gave credit for. It’s great for short bursts of play which is what I do more of now. One challenge I’ll never complete is the Orb Hunter – finding all the hidden orbs dotted around the islands. Thanks to Herman Gatevold though this has become slightly easier. He’s posted a map(hi-res version) of where they are hidden and a screenshot for each orb. All 300 of them.I’d hate to think how long it took to do this.


  1. i no what u mean m8… i’v been trying to get the last hidden orbs 4 days now and im down 2 the last 8 – its driving me insane! seriously, if anyone knows how to locate these things or has a CLEAR map of where they are i swera 2 god i will bow down to worship u

  2. Herman Gatevold

    2nd June 2007 at 1:13 pm

    Actually, making the guide with screenshots took only 4 hours. Finding all of them is a different story.

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