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I’ve installed Coppermine and uploaded my first album. My main page can be found here. I’ve only had time to throw up some new house piccies but hopefully the album will build up over time. Last weekend’s BBQ pics also added.


  1. Rasool needs to lay off the barbie, he’s nearly as big as you!

  2. And that’s saying something. Someone said Ian looked like the side of ahouse so he just went and bought a bigger house…

  3. Easy tigers – just cause you 2 are thin as a rake.

  4. Although I’m not the advert for Oxfam I once was. Rotundity is knocking at the door of my physique. The joys of being in my early 30’s…

  5. You mean the green suit doesn’t fit anymore. Disaster. Next you’ll be telling me you’ve got stubble 🙂

  6. The green suit is long gone. No stubble though – I shaved last night for the month.

  7. When did Rasool turn into Private Frasier from Dad’s Army?, lay off the old Clariol
    Nice ‘n’ Easy and it’s him, I swear!

  8. “..side of a house…” is an understatement. I saw him try on his kilt today and I swear for
    a minute I thought it was Robbie Coltrane standing there.

  9. But I never had my ‘Cracker’ jacket on.

  10. Less Robbie Coltrane and more Michelle from Pop Idol I would have thought…

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