Proxy at work

Sigh – the work proxy is blocking more sites than ever – almost every gaming site has been blocked over the weekend. It’s only a matter of time before Google gets the treatment (they did ban Google groups a few weeks back but that was quickly reveresed). Guess I’ll need to do some work to fill in the day now.


  1. It’s now so bad at my place that I had to patch one of the sockets from the digital exchange to an anologue line so I can dial out on the laptop. It’s handy being responsible for Engineering, IT, Shipping, Security you name it, I’ve been lumbered with it. The boss is doing this as well for his Spread Betting deals. Big Brother is everywhere.

  2. Yep – proxy blocking is getting more and more common. So the boss is still doing the spread betting – is he up on his investment?

  3. Yup, he still dabbles during the day and yes, he makes money at it. Me, I’m far too busy when at work 😉

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