Back in April I had a stroll around Glasgow with Shakeel and took some photo’s. It was a pretty good way to spend a day and I plan to do some more winter shot’s around Glasgow during the Christmas break…weather and time permitting.

Anyway, to the point of this ramble. Someone at Schmap liked one of my photo’s and from today the Glasgow guide is featuring one of my snaps. Nice one. Even nicer is that I’ll be able to see if anyone clicks on the photo and visits my Flickr photo’s via their new stats service.


  1. Cant find your picture…

  2. If you click on the last link in the post you should see the photo appear on the top right of the screen…eventually. You can also pick the armadillo and view the other photo’s, not just mine.

  3. Just be Schmap’d myself with this (and probably worst available shot on Flickr) of the Golden Fleece pub in York…

  4. Nice. I’ve got another one coming up (I think) for a Madrid photo.

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