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Ice Bucket Challenge

Danny nominated me for the MND Ice Bucket Challenge that has swept the social networks over the last week. To donate, Text ICED55 followed by an amount (such as £5) to 70070 and you can find out more here.

Of course I recorded it in slow motion using the iPhone.

Easter Eggs

As it was quite a nice day yesterday I took a walk down to Maplins for a couple of bit’s and pieces which also meant I got to see the annual Easter Egg Run to Yorkhill Hospital. There were thousands of bikes!


The noise was superb and even 30 mins after it had started there were still bikes passing by. I can remember when this event started. I was living in Argyle Street and over 3 or 4 years it grew from a few hundred to a few thousand bikes. Estimates yesterday were of over 10,000 bikes from across the UK. Impressive.

Great Trike

Full set of blurry pic’s can be found here.

Comic Relief

Pretty much same old same old but I guess that’s to be expected when appealing to everyone. Ab Fab girls – please stop. Davina wasn’t too hot either. Peter Kay was comedy genius though – grab it here if you missed it. Comedy comes second though after watching some of the serious clips…and just how drunk were the Fame Academy students?


Words fail when trying to describe what has happened in the far East. Better to point you to the South East Asia Earthquake & Tsunami blog which gives advice on how to donate and what help is really required. If in the UK donate via the Disasters Emergency Committee or Oxfam. Why does it take something like this to bring nations together?

Band Aid

Watched the documentary last night and finally came to the conclusion that I should have made ages ago – the quality of the song is irrelevant. It’s all about the money. It doesn’t matter who sings, how it’s arranged or whether the rap should have been included (although thankfully Justin from Darkness didn’t get to sing Bono’s line as what I heard last night was awful). We need to buy it and we need to contribute what we can and hope that one day the politicians will one day make a sensible decision and write off third world debt which I know is over simplistic but the millions that will be raised will not even dent the problems in Africa.

The original Band Aid was my first ever record purchase…20 years ago. To mark this anniversary I made it my first purchase from iTunes Music store…and then bought the Band Aid 20 version.

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