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Charity Challenge – the results

QuizThursday saw us trying our best at the work charity challenge. 28 teams took part with 6 in each team. Lets cut to the chase – we didn’t win. Thankfully we didn’t come last either :-). In the true tradition of work based events we don’t know where we came as they only had time to announce last and first place. Highlight of the night had to be the bingo that nobody could win. After trying 5 times to get a winner, they were left with 2 players (it was Irish bingo so everyone stands and if a number is read out on your card you sit down). As they read out numbers both players sat down on the same numbers – after this happened 3 times they checked the cards and realised that they had the same cards. So they tossed a coin. A winner was found. He then decided he didn’t want the DVD player so it was handed back to charity. Class.

Rock on Tommy‘ was very funny too. You need to see the other photo’s to figure it out. Let’s just say the question master was less than impressed.


Charity Challenge

Got a team sorted for the works Charity Challenge quiz night. In two weeks time 25 teams will battle it out at Partick Thistle’s ground to see who really has the smarts. Oh dear. Our 6 man team is named ‘Jim and the Five Bellies’. For the avoidance of doubt:

a) I’m not called Jim
b) I’m one of the bellies

Hopefully the categories will be from the following – Film, Music, TV, Games, Big Brother – anything else and I’m fecked 🙂

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