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Shakeel was up visiting so we took advantage of some nice weather on Saturday to plod round Glasgow and try out his new camera. It will take a few days for his pictures to appear but I’ve thrown up some that I took.

Glasgow Harbour
Kelvingrove Art Gallery
Glasgow University

It’s a bit annoying that I don’t get out and about photographing more as there’s some great spots in Glasgow. That was the first time I’d visited Kelvingrove since it had re-opened too. In fact it’s the first time I’d visited since I was a kid and thats shocking as I used to only stay a few hundred yards away. The interior looks magnificent now but it still had the same smell that I remember from all those years ago. However I only scratched the surface while I was there – I’ll definitely be back soon as it’s wonderful.

Something that hadn’t changed was Glasgow Uni. It’s been over 12 years since I left but walking round the quadrangles and seeing the exam desks – it was as if nothing had changed. Apart from my weight. Still – really nice day that made a change from buying more gadgets! Must do more often.

The Great Debate

I’m a bit late in posting this but a friend of mine has just started up a new blog, The Great Debate thats well worth watching. He’s already made a more intelligent post than this whole site put together so I’m looking forward to more ramblings. Especially the one on coin toss probabilities. That will be a corker 😉

Wii Photo’s

I’ve finally got the Wii photoset up on Flickr. A couple of choice pictures below. There were quite a lot of videos (a classic of me boxing) but they will take a bit longer to clean up than the photo’s.

Hamid Bowling

Shakeel hits one

He's lost!


Today I was called….

“the guy that brings in all the CD’s”
“the guy that shouts at her all the time?”
“the guy that knows about computers”
“the guy that has ‘turned on by technology’ on his website!”
“the guy that has more gadgets than I will ever allow you to own!”
“I don’t care how many X-Box’s that guy has, I’m not buying you one!”
“If you like that guys CD’s so much why don’t you feckin well move in with him?”

and those were just the things I know about. I’d hate to think how long the list would be if I overhead a few other conversations today. Still, as the quote said it’s better to be talked about than not talked about. I think.

Recharge the batteries

So – this weekend will mostly be in Peterborough celebrating Shakeel’s 35th birthday. It’s a shame it’s a short trip but will be good to get away. Need a break. The little things are getting to me while the big important things are being ignored…this really has to stop. This is coupled with a sudden urge to travel.

Anyway…back in the real world Big Brother 7 has just started. Does Pete have tourette’s or is he just a complete tit. Lisa – shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Shahbaz – stop stroking people. I have delusions that not watching any of the first weekend will mean I don’t get hooked on it. Aye right.

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