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How to make the news interesting

STV’s Scotland Today have tried a new tactic to boost ratings – topless news.

Scotland Today

The video can be found on their site with the slip up at around the 1:50 mark. No idea what the driver was saying though.

Dutch McClaren

Listen to him – what has he been smoking?

If he had come to Scotland and managed would he have changed accent? Can’t wait to hear himonce he’s taken over the Jamaican national team.


If you like dominoes you’ll love this.

Sorry for anyone expecting a pizza post.

UK Mac Ad’s

There are now UK version of the Get A Mac ads – http://www.apple.com/uk/getamac/ads/. With Mitchell and Webb no less. Pie Chart video is very funny…hopefully there will be some more over the next few months.

Preparing for Emergencies

The government has launched a campaign to inform the general public on what to do during an emergency i.e. stay indoors and switch on your TV or radio. Mmm – £8 million just to tell folk that. Anyway, there’s a website with more info and a cracking spoof one too. Class.

And yes, that was deliberate. Sigh.

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