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Note 3’s benchmarking “adjustments” inflate scores by up to 20%

I shouldn’t be surprised as they have form in this area but after reading that Ars Technica have found that Samsung are cheating on benchmarks it makes you wonder just how low they will go? I mean, would you trust a proposed industry standard benchmark created by Samsung? Yeah.

Samsung copies much of what Apple does, right down to the S4 being released in Gold, but in so many ways I’m glad they are polar opposite of everything that Apple does.



Apple and Samsung take contrasting approaches to advertising for two similar products – the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4.

Apple’s advert is aspirational, focussing on the user and how they get most out of the device and it’s app’s. It appeals to different type’s, from runners to food bloggers, travellers to kids. For me it’s one of their best adverts in years.

Samsung focus on their product but can’t do so without some unfunny dialogue and dinging the competition. Comes across as cheap. Maybe they aren’t trying to target me but that style of advert is a total turn off.

While Samsung have consistently copied the competition when it comes to their products I’m glad that hasn’t extended to their advertising campaigns. Yet.

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