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Forza Designs Update

Couple of belters have been gifted to me in the last few days.

Foe Real Designs

Another Foe Real car and in my opinion the best yet. Photo’s don’t do it justice – it looks amazing in game. The second car looks superb too…


The text is great and coupled with a Rangers badge on the bonnet, what more could you wish for. Cheers David (aka Wee Piglet on Xbox Live). Ricky – this car could be yours!!

B Day

No, not the Beyonce album.

Not even a low-mounted plumbing fixture or type of sink intended for washing the external genitalia and the anus.

It’s Bomberman day on Xbox Live. David & Ricky D – I expect to see you online at least once this week for a session! To other 360 owners – get this! 8 player online. It can’t possibly fail*

*Obviously it can go wrong and online could suck salty balls and be one of the worst lag fests known to man. The recent Bomberman games have been awful as well, but I’ve kept the faith and hopefully this will be the reward. However, for old time’s sake ….you can’t go wrong, can you?

Forza Leagues

Over the last three weeks I’ve been beavering away on a new website which is finally ready to roll – www.forzaleagues.com. For the last few years I’ve gamed with a great but dwindling bunch of guys known as The Lickers. We’ve ended up with a core group enjoying mostly racing and first person shooters but we have a problem – no site to run leagues and a habit of starting a league but never finishing it.

So myself and Cheesy (fellow Lick) decided to try and do something about it, hence Forza Leagues. The website allows us to easily run multiple leagues and seasons for Forza 2. It should make the admin part as easy as possible and give us some nice stats along the way. It also allows us to attract 360 users from other forums and websites to join our leagues or form their own using the software we’ve developed.


Now when I say we’ve developed the software it’s really all down to one guy – Graeme (he asked me not to link to his homepage). So it’s a big thank you for the coding you’ve been doing over the last couple of weeks. Everyone’s feedback so far has been really positive. I also need to thank Robert (Foe Real) who’s logo work in Forza is superb and can be seen above. Soon we’ll all be riding using his designs.


Longer term we hope to add more games, leagues, ladders and team tournaments but for the moment, to get us started, we’re focussing on Forza 2 only. We’re looking for clean racers to join up and take part. Don’t worry about fast times as there will be leagues to cater for all abilities. The important thing is that you race fairly and don’t abuse your fellow gamers. If that sounds like you and you enjoy Forza 2 then feel free to register with Forza Leagues and at least give it a go. Hope to see you there.

Halcyon Gaming

When I think back to older games I always remember my first view of Super Mario World, completing Mercenary, Flyspy and the first time I joined Head with Heels amongst so many others. However two games always stand out and they were from my time at Glasgow Uni. The first game was Descent which was the first proper 3D shooter. Doom got all the press but it wasn’t truly 3D as there was no Z axis really – you couldn’t have objects on top of objects in the first release. A few months later Descent came out and it was superb. I still remember playing against Ricky D with me being chased…I turned into a corridor and dived off to the left. He turned into same corridor and sped by…I moved out and fired a homing missile. I still remember the shout – ‘Bastard…………Descent’ (think Ian Paisley no surrender style voice and you’ve got it). Class.

The second game was Super Bomberman. I remember going shopping with Shakeel and as per usual we were goading each other on with purchases. Something along the lines of if you buy that then I’ll buy this kind of thing. Pretty childish but we still do it today except the purchases can be measured in the hundred’s of pounds and not tens. Anyway, I picked up a multi-tap for the SNES, an extra controller and I already had a free one..plus Super Bomberman. 4 player gaming was an instant hit with Bomberman being our game of choice. I’d hate to think how many hours we racked up on that game. Super Bomberman 2 was also purchased which introduced Golden Bomber. I still laugh when I think back to me getting the hand so often on the spinning wheel (no cheating – honest) and David’s insatiable appetite for speedy boots which we all knew would end in tears.

The reason for all this nostalgia? After many screw-ups and tamperfering with a tried and tested formula plus many a rumour, it looks like Bomberman in it’s multiplayer format is coming to Xbox Live. This Joystick article points to Australian certification and also a pretty official looking video. Bomberman, with up to 8 players, online and on the 360 – be still my beating heart.

360 Dash Update

So the update landed today and is universally ‘a good thing’. MSN Messenger integration lets you chat slowly to friends on PC’s, mobiles etc. The dashboard is faster and the marketplace does look better placed in it’s own blade. Small things like seeing what disk is in the drive is also a nice touch. However it’s competition from the PS3 thats driving some of the more interesting updates.

A slew of new video codec’s are now supported meaning the 360 now matches the PS3 for video playback. The codec’s are covered well on Engadget highlighting what works and more importantly doesn’t. Two important factors when considering the 360 as a media player though. One, it can stream over a network which makes for easy downloading, extracting and storage elsewhere unlike the PS3. Two – it’s NOISY. Too noisy to be considered as a media player in my opinion.

Another, almost undocumented new feature is for VGA cable users. As detailed at DailyTech this finally allows VGA users to remove that washed out look that I always felt plagued VGA. It made me smile as I could never understand why people convinced themselves that VGA didn’t look washed out. Hey ho…fixed now.

Just Forza 2 demo and Halo 3 beta to look forward to now.

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