Windows Live Local

Microsoft have updated Live Local to include maps from the UK. My area can be seen here and they look to be more recent than Google’s as XScape is under construction. Worth checking if you couldn’t get hi res maps for your area with Google.


  1. Top tip! It’s now got my house in all it’s glory (40m scale), cool. (previously, the best Google had was a shot 7km up of my town, covered by a fecking cloud)

  2. Yeah, our house is now there for all to see – though I’m not exactly sure out of city centre locations are all that up to date – neither our neighbours or our own house extensions are there… And it looks like the Nissan 200SX is on my driveway – so that could be four years ago at least??? A bit more scouring of my local neighbourhood would give me a better idea of the dates – as we’ve had loads of construction, new motorway, housing estates nearby etc… Good though.

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