Rangers – SPL Champions 2005

mcleish15 minutes ago I didn’t think I’d be writing this but well done Rangers and Alex McLeish on winning the SPL. A goal from no goals Nacho as well. How sweet. They think it’s all over…it is now. Get in!



  1. Even better than the 2002-2003 title, resigned to losing it by 2 points and then this. Can’t wait to see how septic lost the will to live when the first goal from Scot “Saint” McDonald nevermind the second went in. When’s it on the telly?

    I may even write a letter to Gerry “celtic will win the title” McNee exclusively(tm) revealing he’s a f*cking twat.

  2. I just caught the end of the games on Clyde as I left my Gran’s. Utterly amazed.

    Tomorrow at work should be fun!

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