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If you live in Scotland and looking to buy a house (or are just nosey neighbour) then you’ll have heard of which allows you to find the price of a recently sold house for £1. While good, it still costs money. For a free alternative try While it doesn’t allow you to search and find local houses if you know the exact address your looking for it works a treat. Even better, use the postcode searching at to find the pucker local addresses and then use that info at the other site to get the house prices for free. Joy.

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  1. Now there’s some more competition and currently all information is on free access including the latest results. Because it’s not a per result service there are price trend graphs and other information like the types of deed available at Nethouseprices for all Scotland’s House Prices. Yes it is a bit of a shameless plug 🙂 but then all the information is there.

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